Stillwater Valley Farm is a multigenerational, diversified farm startup, located on an 82-acre tract of wounded land in the hills of rural Chautauqua County, NY. Generations before have worked this land; it was formerly a much larger, more contiguous piece, but the expensive ravages of ‘progress’ and the relentless march of time have splintered it. Even so, those ancestors left their trail of memories buried in the dirt – a rusty horseshoe here, a broken piece of stoneware there, arrowheads and square-nails, waiting.

And so, years of hardships and housing developments have thus whittled what was once two farmsteads and over 500 acres down to what it is now. Though it is scarred from its past, it still possesses great potential and immense, often-overlooked beauty. The old farm, in disrepair and disuse for many years, at one point seemed forgotten… until a new breed of farmer, defiant of the wrongs she saw in things around her, decided to try to do something about it, piece by precious piece.

S. V. F.
Busti, NY