What’s in Season?

Updated 04/23/18

In Season/Available:
Specialty Corn Meal/Flour
Rare Variety Corn and Bean Seed
Hickory Nuts
Maple Syrup

Done or Almost Done:
N/A, Growing Season Not Started

Coming Soon:
Wild Ramps

Special Orders/Available Upon Request (Lead Times Vary):
‘Stillwater Valley’ Blackberry Bushes
‘Stillwater Valley’ Sunflower Plants or Seeds
‘Stillwater Valley’ Amaranth Seed
Miscellaneous other seedlings or cuttings (please inquire)
Custom plantings of nearly anything

Our Sales Shack is:
– Closed late October through February.
– Special-occasions-only from late February/early March through May (only for maple sugaring demonstrations, etc.)
– Rarely open with irregular hours from June-October (due to our work schedules). Due to theft issues we can no longer offer any honor-system sales. There will be large signs and flags during ‘open’ times.
– Appointments are always available and welcomed. Please contact using the contact form, Facebook, etc. for arrangements.
– Random drop-ins are neither encouraged nor appreciated – please remember that this is our home, not a 24-hour superstore!
We offer seasonally-appropriate sales by appointment year-round regardless of the status of the Sales Shack. Several items we have are available from storage during this off-season time. Please feel free to contact anytime for an appointment, questions, or otherwise.
We currently only sell fresh produce locally. Though we are happy to answer anyone’s questions, we do not and will not ship such items (we will ship seed only). Sorry!