About Unfiltered Maple Syrup

Unfiltered syrup? What is that?

Maple sap has considerable levels of some minerals, such as calcium and potassium, and organic acids. When the sap is boiled down to produce syrup, these minerals and acids can precipitate out, forming tiny particles of something called ‘sugar sand’. It’s harmless and edible, but many producers filter it out in order to give a perfectly clear product.

We believe in leaving the syrup as is, with a thin layer of sugar sand which forms at the bottom of the jars over time. We strain the sap for any other tree debris before boiling – it’s only the original mineral content of the sap that makes up this ‘sand’.

The sugar sand can give a slight texture to the syrup in the bottom of the jar. We have found that we like this, but some people may not. If you do not, just let it settle to the bottom and the rest is easily poured off the top. We invite you to try our syrup and see for yourself.